Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim Released by Personal Bond

Wrote 7 Ogos 2008 (12. 15 pm)

Here the chronology at Magistrate Court, Jalan Duta. Couted from Anwar's Blog.

09:30am - Depart house

09:50am - Arrive Jalan Duta. 100s of reporters

10:00am - Enter courtroom, Sessions Court 1

10:12am - Case called by judge S. M. Komathy Suppiah

10:22am - Pled not guilty to section 337b, asking for bail

10:24am - Asking judge to use discretion to waive bail

10:28am - 10th Sep is set as mention date

10:33am - Bail waived

10:38am - Personal bond set at RM20,000, without surety, need not surrender passport

10:58am - Lawyer Nair having press conference, Anwar still in court

11:26am - Anwar walks out of court room.

11.30am - Anwar leaving court room

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